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Damaged MBR

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User's guide:

MBR is damaged

What will happen if the first sector is bad/unreadable?

Most likely the same black screen will appear which previously occurred when trying to boot.

When trying to read it using a Disk Viewer/Editor, an error message saying that sector is unreadable will occur.

In this case, recovery software is unable to help bring back the HDD to a working state, i.e. physical partition recovery is not possible.

The only thing that can be done is to scan and search for partitions (i.e. perform virtual partition recovery), and in the case that something is found - display the found files and provide the user an opportunity to save important data to another location.

Software, like Active@ File Recovery, Active@ UNERASER for DOS will help here.

See also:

What will happen if the first sector has been damaged (by virus, for example)?

What will happen if the sector signature (last word 0x55AA) has been removed or damaged?

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